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Rain Gutters
It is impossible to overestimate the importance of effective, durable rain gutters. Homes in Toronto and the GTA are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round so homeowners have to pay close attention to how durable and strong their gutters are. Without an effective outdoor drainage system, your home is risk of becoming severely damaged due to basement flooding, cracked windows and mould growth. All of these problems are expensive to repair and inconvenient to deal with. Avoid any potential issues with properly installed rain gutters, complete with conductor heads and downspouts from Copper Works Canada.
Why Choose Copper?
Copper is the most reliable material available for an outdoor drainage system, especially for homes in Canada that face intense climate changes throughout the year. Copper does not rust or corrode so it will maintain itself well through heavy rains and snowfalls. As the most important aspect of a rain gutter is to make sure that water is effectively removed away from the home, it is vital that the gutters, conductor heads and downspouts do not become blocked with leaves and other debris. Copper provides the added benefit of containing natural elements of algaecide and fungicide which breakdown blocking culprits and allow for steady water flow.
Copper Works Canada provides the added benefit of supplying strengthening gutter brackets to ensure that your rain gutters will remain in place. This added component helps to keep your investment a low-maintenance one. As copper has a long life span of up to 100 years, it will not be necessary to replace your gutters any time soon after having them installed.
Attractive, Durable, Green
While a full-fledged outdoor drainage system runs the risk of taking away from the appearance of your home’s exterior, copper gutters, conductor heads and downspouts can actually enhance the overall look of any structure. The professionals at Copper Works Canada can custom-design your gutters and can also provide unique shapes and styles for your conductor heads and downspouts, including fish heads, gargoyles, rain chains and many more.
Copper also begins with a rich shiny hue that gradually develops into a deep blue-green patina. Both colors are attractive and reflect a dignified and respectable look. Beyond the beautiful appearance of copper, it is also a recyclable material, meaning that by selecting copper, you are doing your part for our environment.
Copper is, without a doubt, a wise investment towards protecting your property. It requires little maintenance and is attractive. It also will last for years and its durability will not diminish. By selecting copper for your rain gutters, homeowners can increase the value of their homes, as well as enhance the overall curbside appeal. Call the professionals at Copper Works Canada today at 905-831-6343.

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